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Gaucho: argentinian meat in London! (-61 weeks)

Finally after more than one year that i wanted to try it, a friend of mine from Italy brought me to Gaucho. He loves meat and remembering some bad experience he had in London, i suggested him to go there: everyone knows is a good restaurant, a bit expensive but the meat it’s really worth the money!!!!

So we went in the one in Piccadilly and it ‘s a really nice place to stay: on three floors, with candles lights and a horse printed style everywhere, you will have an amazing service, with your personal waitress explaining the meat cut, suggesting and taking care of you! Our waitress was brazilian, but she was speaking and amazing italian too and was really funny and professional.

Arriving at the table you will find already a little starter with normal bread, butter, a typical sauce but, the thing i loved the most was a little cheese bread too good to leave it there. After it, we ordered some red wine and the meat. Between all the different cut and types of cut, i choose a fillet of 250gr (the smallest) and i also asked for a special side order “humitas”, made of mashed corn. The meat was just delicious and they bring you that with 4 different sauces: mushrooms, mustard, something like peppercorn gravy and the best one, a Bernaise sauce. Of course i don’t know the name of that and all the ingredients in those, but they were all very good! The mashed corn had a really particular taste, never tried before and it was served in 2 little portions , rolled in corn husks. Really tasty and beautifully presented. Of course there was the possibility to try also some nice looking dessert, but i prefered to have just a coffee to close the meal. Maybe next time…. So for a gooood meat in London, go safe with Gaucho!

PS. Mamy con un mio amico di passaggio a Londra e che va pazzo per la carne, siamo andati in una catena di ristornati argentini qui a Londra…non ti dico che carne che fanno. Un po’ costoso il posto, ma ne valeva proprio la pena. Ho mangiato un filetto che si scioglieva in bocca e poi ce l’hanno portato con delle salsine ed un contorno di puree di mais particolarissimo!


Pizza in London: Zizzi and the “Trentino”

Pizza is the only thing we have never cooked in my house: outside it’s so cheap and good, thanks to the wooden ovens, that is better to buy it than prepare it at home.

Anyway here in London i miss pizza like crazy…even more than ice creams! So if I go out and especially if i go in a, so called, “Italian restaurant”, i always look for pizza! I also think is a quite equilibrate dish, with a bit of everything but in a light way. Often it’s better than a plate of pasta. So I’m also convinced that a pizza sometimes (without starters and desserts) can be eaten also during a diet.

However here I will start my series of posts about the pizza you can find in London with prices, ingredients and my personal opinion.

ZizziOn wednesday we went to Zizzi, a chain of restaurants in London that claims to cook italian food. It’s not very expensive and they have a medium quality of food but it’s still a chain and the recipes are not really italian.

I’m against the classic pizzas, so i asked something new: Pizza Trentino. When i say they don’t follow italian recipes, i mean that, for instance, on a pizza called Trentino, you expect ingredients from the mountains, because Trentino is a region in the north of Italy , where the Alps are: so you can think about mushrooms, a nice reach cheese, truffle and speak. Instead the pizza was made with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella and finally, just to remain in line with the name of the pizza, a smoked ham, similar to the speak but milder.

Pizza Trentino

I have to admit that the pizza was fine: the base and the tomato sauce weren’t great, but the other ingredients were very good (not so usual here in London) and the combination was tasty. The price for this is 9,50 £ (a basic Margarita pizza is around 5,50 £) and it is the most interesting pizza between the few choices they have. (thanks to trusted-gourmet for the picture)

PS: Mamy ho deciso di aprire una serie di posts sulle pizze di Londra, con tutte quelle che trovo e provo qui nei vari ristoranti. Capita spesso infatti di andare a mangiare pizza, anche se non cosi tanto come in italia. E’ piu’ caro ed essendoci qui tante cucine differenti, molte volte proviamo anche altro. Comunque l’ultima che ho mangiato e’ questa pizza chiamata Trentina, in cui l’unica cosa che poteva richiamare un po’ la regione era un prosciutto simile allo speak che hanno messo sopra a fettine. Comunque alla fine era abbastanza buona!

Finally good english food… and maybe light?


Yesterday night i was invited in a gastro pub where my host said the food was really good and the place simple and cosy… so ok let’s go!

Knowing that I’m trying to be very careful in what i eat, thanks to the challenge i set up with this blog, i studied carefully the menu and i have to say i had a nice surprise: the food was english, different and presented in very interesting combination of tastes and ingredients.

Now i will tell you what i ordered:

– Rasberry and prosecco cocktail – with the drinks they offered bread and butter too, and i couldn’t resist: almost “casareccio” a typical italian bread, very soft but with a nice and strong crust. (not too light but finally i need carbohydrates in my diet :P)

Oysters with lemon and tabasco (light)

Fish gratin with cream and Parmesan – i know i’m terrible with names, but this was too complicate and i couldn’t steal a menu. (Not too light but the portion wasn’t big)

– A side dish of cabbage (very light and without condiments)

– and i tried a spoon of a Muscadet Creme Caramel (i was good…just a little spoon)

At the end i was without words: the fish gratin was delicious and the caramel one of the best i never tried…so rich!


On top of that all the dishes were amazing, really tasty and absolutely fresh and well cooked. I was missing a good english dinner and finally i have something to suggest when someone will ask me where eat proper english and nice food.

I also finally understood that i love the mix of fish and cream. Another time i ate a plate in a belgium restaurant, here in London, with mussels, spinach, bacon and cream, all gratin… for how much it sounds crazy, it was just amazing.

I will try to find an italian recipes with these ingredients and maybe the gratin final touch too.

PS. Mamy, ieri sono stata a mangiare in un gastro pub inglese dove finalmente ho trovato del cibo buonissimo, un po’ caro naturalmente ma ne valeva la pena. Tra i vari piatti buonissimi mi hanno servito un gratin di pesce cucinato con la panna ed il parmigiano. Tu hai mai sentito di una ricetta italiana che contenga ingredienti del genere? a parte la pasta al salmone? Insomma l’accostamento pesce e panna mi piace tantissimo ed ero curiosa di vedere se non abbiamo ricette simili in Italia. Fammi sapere!