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Coming back to Rome: cappuccio, rosette e Happy Hour!

Recipe 88: As you can imagine I’m in Rome in these days. I came back for Easter and of course i’m not cooking much, thanks to my mum, but i’m trying to eat all the stuff i miss the most… so here a little list just to let you know, but i will also add a superquick recipe for a light lunch or dinner.

Let’s start with the breakfast: there are no words to describe this cappuccino(also called Cappuccio in Rome) and this pastries filled with a cream made with almonds and pine nuts! Real paradise in Tornatora!

Then of course lunch time:  a good Rosetta (a bread really typical in Rome), with Mortadella, a particular kind of ham that is impossible to find in London (if you can, try it in a simple white pizza bread!) Or you can eat the Rosetta with Bresaola, Rocket salad and Parmesan. This is a classic light dish we often eat also as a starter, but it’s really a special mix of flavours. As you can see it’s very easy, but the bitter rocket, with the peculiar bresaola taste (and you can find this in London) and the sweet parmesan are just amazing together. Just add a bit of salt, oil, and i really like it with lemon too.

Finally to close the day why don’t go for an happy hour? it’s very important everyone get it: happy hour in Italy doesn’t means they give you 2 drinks for one, but means you buy a drink and you can eat all the stuff is on the buffet. So basically if you are going to do (have?) an happy hour, means you are going to have almost a dinner, or an big aperitif, some drinks and nice finger food. We all love it and i was missing it a lot! Why in England they can not offer food with pints?

This time i took a Spritz (cocktail mainly made with Aperol and Prosecco) with some fresh tuna rice and farro with vegetable, some good focaccia with rosemery, olives and tomatoes and a salad made by radicchio and cabbage. It’s the second time i have cabbage in my plate in these days and i have to say i like it a lot! Maybe i need to start using it more.

PS. Mamy come sai questi giorni sto proprio facendo una cura ricostituente con tutte le cose che mi piacciono e mi mancano di piu’ e come posso non iniziare da un cappuccino e cornetto rigorosamente alla crema? e dopo un pranzetto leggero per poi buttarmi in un aperitivo di questi consistenti. Forse, considerato che tra qualche giorno e’ Pasqua, dovrei stare un po’ piu’ attenta, ma chi resiste? 🙂