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The witch’s Halloween souffle’ (-12 weeks)

Recipe 28:This Halloween i really didn’t have the time to organize a fancy dress party and not even a real Halloween menu, but i have still invited some friends at home. So i simply decided to stick to the orange as an Halloween theme and i made pasta with pumpkin and mushroom, and this double color souffle that i always loved.

Very delicate in the taste, it’s made by vegetables and besciamella sauce mixed together. Here are the ingredients: 500 gr. of frozen chopped spinach, 250 gr of carrots, 50 gr of butter, 3eggs, 30 gr Parmesan, 50 gr flour, 300ml of milk, salt, nutmeg.

Wash, peal and boil the carrots. When ready cut them finely and place it in a pan with 25gr of butter. In the meantime, boil also the chopped spinach and when ready, drain them and leave it in one side to cool down.

Add to the carrots 25gr of flour and 125ml of milk and mix it all for around 10 minutes, or until it gets thick. You will create in this way a light besciamella that you will need to let cool down after adding the 15gr Parmesan, the salt and nutmeg.

When the spinach are cold, add a yolk egg  and mix. In another pan you will prepare some more besciamella also for the spinach: 25gr butter with 25gr flour and around 150-200ml of milk. Stir all until it get thick and when a bit cold, add it to the spinach with 15gr Parmesan and some salt.

Add to egg yolk to the carrots too and put all the white parts of the egg to whip up in the mixer. 2 parts of this will need to go in the carrots and one part in the spinach.

Now let’s prepare the backing pan putting some butter on the inside, covered in flour to don’t make the souffle’ stick. Place the spinach mix first and then the carrots one.

At this point my mum use to cook this in teh oven but a “bagno maria” so in another conteiner with boiling water. In this way the souffle is not in direct contact with the hot. I didn’t have any other big container so i place it in the oven at 200 degree for one our with a bit of pieces of butter on the top. It was really good anyway…maybe a bit harder than a souffle’, but still easy and nice.

When the souffle’ is cooking, don’t open the oven or it will collapse. When you think is ready, try a tooth pick in the inside and if it’s dry, you can directly turn it on a plate and serve it. If you will wait it will collapse again.

So serve it hot straight away. I added some Parmesan but also without it’s very good. Enjoy!

PS. Beh  mamy non m’e’ venuto male anche se non l’ho cotto a bagno maria no? Il problema e’ che per farlo staccare dal recipiente ho aspettato e come volevasi dimostrare mi s’e’ ammosciato e la parte arancione quasi non si vede. Ma che buono!

Sformato verde – Green pie

Recipe 51: This is something my mum did during our holiday just to change a bit from the normal vegetable side order. It’s nothing really amazing or particular, but it’s just something healthy and different to eat and that can maybe suits children too.

Ingredients: you will just need some broccoli and cauliflower, olive oil, some garlic (cloves or powder), pepper, a bit of chili and nothing else.

Wash and cut the vegetable in little pieces, then boil them in some water with salt. Leave them for around 10 minutes. In the meantime put some oil in a pan with some garlic cloves. Let them get goldish and then take them out.

When the vegetable are still a bit hard place them in the pan and start to mash them with a wooden spoon or spatula. In the meantime the vegetable will cook in the oil and will take a nice taste. Add the pepper and chili and keep on  mixing and turning the vegetables. If they are getting to dry you can always add some more oil. I think the mix could be really good also with something like pancetta, if you like or pieces of sausages.

When you think the mix has reach a good consistency, creating a nice pie, you can try to cover the pan with a plate and turn the pie to let it cook on the other side.

Keep on turning until it become a little bit colored and when you think is ready you can serve it on a plate or already divided in slices with some meat or fish.


PS. Mamy alla fine ho messo anche questa ricetta, perche’ non avevo mai proposto nulla con i broccoli ed il cavolfiore e questo sformato ripassato con aglio ed olio e’ perfetto per non mangiarsi sempre verdure lesse.

Sformato di patate and Guitar Hero (-67 weeks)

inizio sformato

Recipe 133: Yesterday it was a really nice night: good friends, one of my favorite recipe and lots of games. Giulio, my italian friend from Barcellona, doesn’t know what he missed!

So here is the “Sformato di patate” or “Potatoes gateau” as we call it too. It’s also perfect as a plate to prepare before and then just hot up and serve.

Ingredients for 4-5 people: 1Kg potatoes – 300gr mozzarella – 50 gr Parmesan – 250ml milk – 50 gr butter – 100gr ham – salt – pepper – nutmeg – bread crumbs – 50 gr of another cheese like Cheddar, Emmental or Compte (if you want or if you have it) – 3 eggs.

Peel, wash and boil the potatoes in salty water until you can mash them. In the meantime rub the butter in the inside of a baking pan and then dust it with a good quantity of bread crumbs.

versare lo sformato

Mash the potatoes with a fork and add the milk and the butter. Mix it well with the 3 eggs and add the cheese and the ham cut in little pieces, then Parmesan, and one mozzarella also cut in little cubes. Then mix again adding salt, a bit of pepper and nutmeg. This is for me the most important ingredient, because give all another taste to the dish, but if you don’t like it you can avoid it.

At this point put half of the mix in the baking pan and add on top the other mozzarella cut in pieces. Cover all with the rest of the mix and dust the top with other Parmesan and bread crumbs. The last touch will be to put some very thin slice of butter on the top.

Put for 30-40 minutes in oven at 180 degrees and then for 5-10 minute with the grill, until the top becomes colorful.

fine dello sformato

Now, my mum uses to cook it in a ring mold and she ia able to turn it in a plate in a perfect “ciambellone” shape. I tried the same but with my aluminum pan i wasn’t able to do so! Maybe next time i will try with a silicon pan. However if you just used a normal baking pan, you can try to turn it on a plate, or just cut it and serve it.

I hope you will enjoy!

PS. Mamy c’era un odore per tutta casa che non ti dico, ma come al solito non sono riuscita a girarlo nel piatto. E pensare che c’ho comprato la teglia apposita. Ma tu come fai??? a te viene sempre perfetto! Comunque il sapore era come il tuo percio’ ero proprio soddisfatta alla fine e l’insalatina che c’ho messo insieme ci stava proprio bene.