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Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe (- 6 weeks)

Recipe 15: This is a classic and basic roman dish that everyone can make when in the fridge you have just some cheese and some pasta in your cupboards. I love this dish because there is nothing better for me than “Pasta in bianco” when the pasta is “al dente”.  The pure and simple taste of pasta with some cheese is incomparable!

So literally the name of this dish is “pasta cheese and pepper” where for cacio we don’t means cacio cheese (a kind of cheese that exists) but we just means a cheese, better if hard and salty like Pecorino. This is the best ! So the ingredients for 2 people are : 200gr pasta (better spaghetti), 50 gr of Pecorino, but if you have more is better and black pepper! You don’t need anything else….maybe a bit of olive oil if the pasta is too dry.

Put some water  to boil on the fire, add some salt and the spaghetti when boiling. In the meantime grate the Pecorino and wait for the pasta to boil.

When are missing just one or two minute to have it ready, drain it, keeping some water in a side, and place the pasta in a pan. Cover it with the grated cheese and some of the cooking water. In this way the pasta will create a nice cream that will  create the perfect dish.

This time i used a different cheese respect to the Pecorino, because i went to an event where i discovered  a very tasty cheese called Castelrosso, from Piemonte. I have to say the taste of the pasta was amazing, but the consistency of the cheese didn’t allow the creation of this famous creamy mix.

However when ready, The pasta cook and the cheese is creamy at the right point, just take it out from the fire and serve it hot with another bit of grated cheese on top and freshly grated pepper!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy come ti ricorderai sono una patita della pasta burro e parmiggiano, percio’ non potevo non includere anche questa cacio e pepe tra i miei piatti> il mio problema e’ che avendo ospiti volevo offrire una cosa un pochino piu’ ricercata ed invece di usare il classico Pecorino ho voluto provare con un formaggio buonissimo del Piemonte che ho provato qui ad una fiera: Il Castel rosso. Nonostante il sapore fosse da leccarsi i baffi, la cacio e pepe con il Pecorino non la supera nessuno!

Pasta aglio e olio…e tonno – Pasta with oil, garlic, chili and tuna (-7weeks)

Recipe 17: This week I really wanted something quick, tasty but easy to cook! Lots of Christmas shopping to do and not so much time to be in the kitchen!
So I decided to comeback to the basic just giving a little twist to the dish for may guest! Initially in fact I thought to prepare just some spaghetti with oil, garlic and chili, but having a guest who could take this as a luck of care I decided to change it for tuna pasta.

For this recipes you will need: 200gr spaghetti, olive oil, salt, 1 red chili, some garlic cloves, some tuna fillets and parsley!

Put the water for the pasta, add the salt and wait until boiling. In a pan put some olive oil, garlic cloves until glodish and take them out. Cut the chili and let it cook with the rest. Add the pasta to the boiling water and wait for it to cook.

Now you can add the tuna fillets to the pan and some chopped parsley. Mix everything and let it cook. Then drain the pasta and toss it with the sauce just created. Wait a bit for the spaghetti to absorb well the oil and condiments.

Serve it on a plate and please don’t add any parmesan with these 2 recipes but just other parsley and another bit of oil if needed! The atse it’s better like this.
Simple, basic, traditional and great especially if you can make your spaghetti “al dente”, trust me!

PS. Mamy queste ricette di emergenza dell’ultimo momento sono sempre le “mejo” non c’e’ nulla da fare. E se io gia’ vado pazza per la semplice pasta aglio e olio, con un pochino di tonno, devo dire che e’ ancora meglio.

Spaghetti alla Gricia (-27 weeks)

Recipe 58: This recipe doesn’t need a translation…you just need to call it like this! It’s a must of the roman tradition and if you go in Rome, you will see this pasta in the most of the restaurants. With the carbonara and the amatriciana this is another classic!

Ingredients 2 people: 200gr spaghetti, 100gr pancetta (but if you find the guanciale is better), 50 gr Pecorino (absolutely use just pecorino), some salt, balck pepper and a just a little bit of milk.

Also this recipe it’s really quick and easy. It’s basically a carbonara without eggs and all the taste comes from the amazing fresh ingredients. You don’t need to be a chef to make a good one!

Put some water to boil with salt and in the meantime cut the pancetta in very thin slices or pieces. When the water boils, add the spaghetti and place the pancetta to cook in a hot pan without any oil or butter. The pancetta is already quite greasy so it won’t need any other thing to cook.

When the spaghetti are cooked “al dente” (so one minute before the real time), drain them and add them to the pan with the pancetta. In the meantime in a bowl add just a little bit of milk to half of the pecorino and mix in a way to create almost a cream. Add this to the pasta and the pancetta and mix until the pecorino melts totally! the secret of this pasta is all here!!!

Now just serve it in a plate with some other pecorino on top and a good quantity of freshly grated black papper! Yummy!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy come poteva mancare sul mio blog una bella Gricia! Veramente l’apoteosi! Sto tentando di svuotare il frigo prima della partenza e avevo proprio questi 100gr di pancetta e ancora un po’ di pecorino e visto che era pure domenica, ho pensato che un bel piatto di pasta ci stava tutto! Che te ne pare?

Spaghetti con le vongole – Spaghetti with clams (-29 weeks)

Recipe 62: This in summer it’s one of my favorite dishes. When i go to the seaside or in some restaurant on the coast i can’t resist from ordering this pasta. It’s so fresh and so simple and good! Then i thought that being in an island since almost 5 years without have never had this pasta dish it’s incredible. So i decided to cook it by myself.

Ingredients: i will make it very easy, because it’s not possible to think that in the supermarkets here they can sell you the seafood in shells! So i just bought some clams in vinegar, 2 garlic cloves, spaghetti of course, salt, chili, parsley with flat leaves, some olive oil, white wine, and the dish is ready!

Put some water with some salt on the fire and wait for it to boil. In the meantime cut finely some parsley and the chili. Open the claims container and wash them very well from the vinegar. When the water will boil it will be time to add the pasta and wait not more than 6 minutes to try it. I normally cook spaghetti for 6 minute and then i leave 2 minute to pass them in the pan with the sauce.

Put some olive oil in a pan with the garlic cloves crushed or in pieces and let them become goldish. Then take them off and add the claims, the chili, parsley and let it cook a bit. When the claims seems almost done, add a bit of white wine and wait for it to evaporate.

When the pasta is still slightly hard, drain it and put it in the pan with the oil and the clams. Mix it all for a minute, let the spaghetti take all the sauce and serve in a plate. As usual with fish we don’t add parmesan and especially in this plate i don’t think you will need it.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy che strano fare a pasta con le vongole cosi, ma mi andava cosi tanto che appena ho visto le vongole in barattolo non ho potuto resistere e gli spaghetti non sono venuti per niente male, tranne il fatto che le vongole erano in acqua e aceto e non sapendolo non le ho lasciate in bagno e si sentiva un po’ l’aspro dell’aceto. Vabbe’ buono a sapersi per la prossima volta, ed intanto ho avuto la mia razione di spaghetti alle vongole! Aspettando l’estate del litorale laziale….

Violet spaghetti! (-50 weeks)

Recipe 103: This is my favorite dish ever!!!!! It’s a bit long but it’s really the most special recipe you can find! you need to try it!… and of course the special dish needs a special occasion, and my birthday was the right one!

So are you ready with the blueberries for some violet spaghetti???

Here are the ingredients for 10 people: 300gr of speck (you can find it in Carluccio’s), 1kg spaghetti, 350ml. single cream, 500gr blueberries, 100gr. Parmesan, 1 onion, 150gr butter, 1 full glass of white wine (or even a bit more) and salt.

Cut the onion in little pieces and cook it in a sauce pan with some water. The onion needs to become almost creamy. At that point you can add the butter and the speck cut in really little squares… i used a pair of scissors for this. Now you just need to wait and keep on mixing everything on a low fire.

Then add some of the wine and cover the saucepan until the wine is all evaporated. Repeat the same until the end of all the wine. At this point you can add the blueberries exactly as they are and you will just need to mix a bit and wait again. Use always a very low fire.

Little  by little the berries will loose their water and they will dissolve creating a nice violet sauce. You won’t need to add anything else except some salt if you think is necessary, you will just need to wait and mix to don’t make the sauce stick to the pan.

When the sauce will be ready add half of the single cream and mix again, always on a low fire.

In the same time you can put the spaghetti in hot salty water and you can wait for them to be cooked. Be careful to don’t leave them to cook to much or your pasta will be plastic.

When the spaghetti are almost ready put the rest of the cream in the sauce, mix and then add the same spaghetti. Could be better to do all this is a pan directly on the fire, but if teh quantity of spaghetti and sauce is too much, just do it in teh same saucepan. It will be easier.

You can now serve the violet spaghetti with a good spoon of Parmesan!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy la fine del mondo e non di co altro!!!! non ci sono parole…e  nenache i france si ne avavano! Pensa che nessuno aveva capito e poteva credere ci fossero i mirtilli dentro. Tutti tentavano di indovinare ma nulla! si sono puliti la padella! BUONISSIMI!!!!

Pasta alla Norma

Recipe 117: This pasta is originally from Sicily but it’s very famous in all Italy for its strong and particular taste. I made this plate with some aubergines that i have fried for the Parmigiana and that i then leaved for this.

Ingredients for 4 people: 500gr pasta (you can use Penne or Spaghetti) – salt – onion – carrot – 300gr tomato sauce – 1kg aubergines – some basil leaves  – 150 ricotta salata (if you can’t find it abroad you can try with Parmesan and a bit of Feta cheese).

Start from the aubergines: like for the Parmigiana, you will need to take off the skin, you will cut them in little slices and you will leave them covered with a bit of salt to take off the water. After one hour you can fried them in a pan with olive oil and you will put them on absorbent paper to dry some oil.

In the time you fry the aubergine you can prepare the tomato sauce: put onion in a pan with boiling oil. When this is cooked, put the tomato sauce, salt and a carrot and leave it cook for a bit on a low fire.

Put the water for the pasta and cut the aubergine in little pieces and some basil leaves too.  Put the pasta in the water and when the tomato sauce is ready add half of the aubergine and half or the basil to the sauce to let it take the aubergine taste.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add the sauce. Now you just miss to put the ricotta salata (or parmesan and some shave Feta cheese) and decorate the plate with the rest of the basil and the aubergines.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy ho un po’ cambiato la tua ricetta perche’ l’aggiunta della ricotta normale mi suona un po’ strana, percio’ ho optato per gli ingredienti classici. Comuque buona, peccato che le melanzane erano un po’ risicate e che qui non vendano la ricotta salata… pero’ in una ricetta ho letto di sostituirla con un po’ di Feta, ma non aveva lo stesso forte sapore, anche se vicino.

Spaghetti alla carbonara… also in Holland!

Recipe 119: This is so much a classic, that it’s a dish we cook often when we want to eat a good and quick plate of pasta. In fact in my recent trip to Holland, on my last day we ate at home and we cooked spaghetti alla Carbonara.

Of course i first tried all the Dutch specialties , but a nice plate of pasta is very difficult to beat!

However if you pass for Holland you will need to try the fresh made dutch waffles, the Gouda cheese, you need to eat out and try one of their mix-asiatic dishes (their colonies in Asia have created a nice mix food culture), the special queen Wilhelmina’s peppermints (but i can suggest you these very good gums too, also if the name is not really inviting) and finally you need to try one of the FEBO’s specialties and you can’t avoid that considering there are so many FEBO and in the weekend everyone goes around with french fries and junk food.

But let’s comeback to the recipe of the pasta. The ingredients for 2 people are: 250 gr spaghetti – 2 fresh eggs – 1 onion – 75 gr pancetta – Parmesan (better if you can find Pecorino cheese) – salt – pepper. Very easy!!!

Cut the onion in little pieces and put it in a pan with a bit of oil. If you want you can also give more taste to the oil adding a little piece of garlic that you can cook and then remove (Consider that the real Carbonara is just with oil and garlic, but if you put onion too, the taste will be even better).

Then add the pancetta and in the meantime put the Spaghetti in hot salty water. Wait a bit for the pancetta to cook and in the meantime you can grate the Parmesan or  Pecorino cheese (depending if you like a stronger flavor). Put the 2 eggs in a little container and mix a bit until you reach a worm yellow color. No comments about his portable colander!

At this point when the pasta is ready (and still just a bit hard) drain it and place it back in the sauce pan with the pancetta and onion, Parmesan or Pecorino, mix all and then add also the 2 eggs, without put anything on the gas. This is the secret of this pasta. You don’t need any cream, but just the eggs will give the necessary creamy consistence to the dish.

When ready just serve with some more Parmesan and black pepper.

Buon appetito!!!

PS. Mamy questa e’ la carbonara che abbiamo fatto con Carlo prima che prendessi il volo. Avevamo una fame e devo dire che lui e’ stato bravissimo. La cottura era perfetta ed immagina che c’aveva anche il pecorino! Che buono!Chi la batte la carbonara? Invece prima ho parlato di alcuni prodotti tipici danesi, che a dire la verita’ non sono moltissimi, ma buoni, specialmente i waffles.

Spaghetti zucchine e mozzarella (-70 weeks)

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Recipe 140: I open the blog with this dish because is the one that i cook more often and all my friends know me for that.

In reality is not a recipes from my mum, but it’s absolutely italian and is the only one that i cook for her. In all the rest she is better than me!

It’s a quick, cheap and good plate and normally everyone likes these ingredients.

So here they are for 3 people

3 courgettes – 1 mozzarella – 300 gr of spaghetti – 1 onion – oil – chillies – pepper – salt – Parmesan – lemon juice if you like.

Cut the onion in little pieces, put it in a pan with a bit of oil already hot. Cook for a little bit and in the meantime cut the courgettes in very thin slices. More thin they are, more will be easy to make them cook and yummy! Put them in the pan with the oil and onion and add some salt to make the water in the courgettes goes out. Then add a bit of chillies and/or pepper if you want and let all cook. Add oil if you think the pan is too dry to cook well the courgettes.

In the meantime boil the water for the pasta adding a bit of salt. Put the pasta in the water and wait for 8-10 minutes.

At this point if the courgettes are well cooked, add the mozzarella already cut in little pieces. Leave la mozzarella melt with the rest and wait until became a bit burned or colorful (in any case i suggest to use an good pan to avoid the mozzarella to stick to it).

After 8 minutes, try the pasta and when is almost ready (not to cooked and still a little little bit hard) take it out from the fire. Take off the water and put the spaghetti pasta in the pan with mozzarella and courgettes. Mix and wait for the pasta to take all the sauce of the pan and became a bit yellowish.

Put in a plate and serve with a bit of Parmesan. Someone likes a bit of lemon juice on the top, but it’s better to try without first.

However the lemon could be a good solution if the spaghetti are too spicy.

Buon appetito!

Ps. Mamy questa ricetta la conosci perche te l’ho cucinata. Non hai bisogno della traduzione italiana perche’ sara’ il mio piatto speciale che cucinero’ per te e papa’ nei miei ritorni. A presto!