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Risotto al melograno – Pomegranate risotto(-3 weeks)

Recipe 9: For the first dish of the year I wanted something great, a bit unusual, weird… In few word, something special and I remembered this recipe my mum prepared in one of the latest Christmas: Risotto with pomegranate!

Ingredients for 6 people:  500 gr. of rice, 2 pomegranates, 1 onion, pepper, salt, a bit of butter and Parmesan, 250gr speck.

Put some oil in a pan with the onion and let it cook until goldish. Take of the fruits from the pomegranate and leave them in a side. Then add the speak chopped in little cubes and let it cook.

Add the rice, let it toast and add a glass of white wine. When evaporated add some vegetable sauce from the stock. When the rice is almost ready add the pomegranate’s fruits.
When ready take the pan off the fire, add some black pepper, butter and grated Parmesan. Enjoy!

PS. Piatto super lusso per l’inizio dell’anno. Ok il sapore e’ un po’ originale ma per i primi giorni dell’anno nuovo ci sta proprio bene!!!!


Violet spaghetti! (-50 weeks)

Recipe 103: This is my favorite dish ever!!!!! It’s a bit long but it’s really the most special recipe you can find! you need to try it!… and of course the special dish needs a special occasion, and my birthday was the right one!

So are you ready with the blueberries for some violet spaghetti???

Here are the ingredients for 10 people: 300gr of speck (you can find it in Carluccio’s), 1kg spaghetti, 350ml. single cream, 500gr blueberries, 100gr. Parmesan, 1 onion, 150gr butter, 1 full glass of white wine (or even a bit more) and salt.

Cut the onion in little pieces and cook it in a sauce pan with some water. The onion needs to become almost creamy. At that point you can add the butter and the speck cut in really little squares… i used a pair of scissors for this. Now you just need to wait and keep on mixing everything on a low fire.

Then add some of the wine and cover the saucepan until the wine is all evaporated. Repeat the same until the end of all the wine. At this point you can add the blueberries exactly as they are and you will just need to mix a bit and wait again. Use always a very low fire.

Little  by little the berries will loose their water and they will dissolve creating a nice violet sauce. You won’t need to add anything else except some salt if you think is necessary, you will just need to wait and mix to don’t make the sauce stick to the pan.

When the sauce will be ready add half of the single cream and mix again, always on a low fire.

In the same time you can put the spaghetti in hot salty water and you can wait for them to be cooked. Be careful to don’t leave them to cook to much or your pasta will be plastic.

When the spaghetti are almost ready put the rest of the cream in the sauce, mix and then add the same spaghetti. Could be better to do all this is a pan directly on the fire, but if teh quantity of spaghetti and sauce is too much, just do it in teh same saucepan. It will be easier.

You can now serve the violet spaghetti with a good spoon of Parmesan!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy la fine del mondo e non di co altro!!!! non ci sono parole…e  nenache i france si ne avavano! Pensa che nessuno aveva capito e poteva credere ci fossero i mirtilli dentro. Tutti tentavano di indovinare ma nulla! si sono puliti la padella! BUONISSIMI!!!!

Pizza in London: Zizzi and the “Trentino”

Pizza is the only thing we have never cooked in my house: outside it’s so cheap and good, thanks to the wooden ovens, that is better to buy it than prepare it at home.

Anyway here in London i miss pizza like crazy…even more than ice creams! So if I go out and especially if i go in a, so called, “Italian restaurant”, i always look for pizza! I also think is a quite equilibrate dish, with a bit of everything but in a light way. Often it’s better than a plate of pasta. So I’m also convinced that a pizza sometimes (without starters and desserts) can be eaten also during a diet.

However here I will start my series of posts about the pizza you can find in London with prices, ingredients and my personal opinion.

ZizziOn wednesday we went to Zizzi, a chain of restaurants in London that claims to cook italian food. It’s not very expensive and they have a medium quality of food but it’s still a chain and the recipes are not really italian.

I’m against the classic pizzas, so i asked something new: Pizza Trentino. When i say they don’t follow italian recipes, i mean that, for instance, on a pizza called Trentino, you expect ingredients from the mountains, because Trentino is a region in the north of Italy , where the Alps are: so you can think about mushrooms, a nice reach cheese, truffle and speak. Instead the pizza was made with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella and finally, just to remain in line with the name of the pizza, a smoked ham, similar to the speak but milder.

Pizza Trentino

I have to admit that the pizza was fine: the base and the tomato sauce weren’t great, but the other ingredients were very good (not so usual here in London) and the combination was tasty. The price for this is 9,50 £ (a basic Margarita pizza is around 5,50 £) and it is the most interesting pizza between the few choices they have. (thanks to trusted-gourmet for the picture)

PS: Mamy ho deciso di aprire una serie di posts sulle pizze di Londra, con tutte quelle che trovo e provo qui nei vari ristoranti. Capita spesso infatti di andare a mangiare pizza, anche se non cosi tanto come in italia. E’ piu’ caro ed essendoci qui tante cucine differenti, molte volte proviamo anche altro. Comunque l’ultima che ho mangiato e’ questa pizza chiamata Trentina, in cui l’unica cosa che poteva richiamare un po’ la regione era un prosciutto simile allo speak che hanno messo sopra a fettine. Comunque alla fine era abbastanza buona!