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Mousse di pesche – Peaches mousse (-31 weeks)

Recipe 67: The summer is here and that’s the time of the good fresh fruit and ice creams! During the week i was desperate for some sweet stuff but i have been eating and drinking so much lately that i could not thing in anything then fruit and i remembered the nectarines with sugar my mum used to prepare when i was little. So i went online and i looked for something similar and i found an amazing recipe, very ligh, fresh and really good! I just made some little changes and here it is!

Ingredients for 2 people: 4 peaches, a spoon of tequila or Amaretto di Saronno if you like almonds taste, 3white eggs, 60gr of sugar, some biscuit or amaretto for the decoration.

The recipe is super easy: wash 3 peaches, cut them in half, take of the skin and the stone and put them in a blender in little pieces. Add 40gr sugar and a spoon of liquor. Mix it all until all gets liquid and place it in a side.

At this point you need to whip up the white of 3 eggs. For me that was always something very difficult to do, but with the new machine it was very easy. However the recipe was suggesting to put some drops of lemon juice in it and it’s something i never seen before, so maybe was also for this reason that it came particularly well.

While you are mixing the whites, add 20 gr of sugar little by little until it becomes a mousse. Then add this to the peach juice you created before and after mixing, serve in glasses and place in the freezer for some hours.

Half an hour before to serve it to your guests cut the remaining peach in slices and marinate it with a bit of sugar and a little spoon of the liquor you have previously used. Then take out from the fridge the glasses with the mousse and wait around 20 minute for the mix to defrost a bit.

Finally add the peaces slices with the sugar on top and some little pieces of biscuits or amaretto or almonds!


PS. Mamy gironzolando online e pensando alle tue pesche con lo zucchero ho trovato questa ricetta meravigliosa. Non contiene ne’ burro, ne’ latte…praticamente nulla se non un pochino di zucchero ed e’ fresca e buonissima! Super dietetica! Provala provala e fammi sapere!

Tiramisù (- 63 weeks)

Tiramisu 1

Recipe 124: This is an italian classic dessert and it’s also very easy to prepare, so if you haven’t tried any of my recipes yet, i suggest you to start with this one.

For my mum’s tiramisu’ i used : 300gr mascarpone – 250gr of Savoiardi biscuits ( you can find them in Waitrose, i bought one pack) – 3 eggs but very fresh (you won’t cook them so this is very important) – 3 big spoons of sugar – 5 espresso cups of coffee (i normally do 2 normal coffees and 3 decaf especially if i will serve the dessert in the night and if not all the people normally take coffee) – 1 or 1/2 espresso cup of liquor (Marsala is the best but you can also use Amaretto, Cognac or Quantro) – some sweet chocolate in powder and some chocolate in bits to decorate the Tiramisu’.

tiramisu 2

First you have to create the “zabaione” and for that we mean that you will mix the egg yolks and the sugar until you will reach the consistency of a cream. Then you will add the mascarpone. In another container you will whip the white of the 3 eggs and then you will add it to the rest, being careful to mix from the down to the top.

This is the cream for the Tiramisu’. Nothing is easier and better than this!

tiramisu 3

Now you will prepare the coffees and you will add to that the little cup of liquor.

At this point take one Savoiardi at the time and put it in the coffee but very quickly. They need to absorb a bit of coffee but they don’t have to break or be dump. You can then put them one after the other in a recipient, creating the first layer. I normally put just one side of the biscuits in the coffee and i add some coffee on the top of the them with a spoon when the layer is ready.

tiramisu 4

Add the cream on top of the layer and put some chocolate powder. Then create on top of this a second layer putting again the Savoiardi in the coffee and then in the recipient. Then again the cream and the chocolate. You can create how many layers you want depending by the recipient, the biscuits and the cream available.

tiramisu end

When you arrive at the end, put just the cream and place the dessert in the fridge for at least one hour before to serve it. When you will take it out, decor it with the chocolate powder and chocolate bits: these will give a bit of  “crunchiness” to the Tiramisu’.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy eccomi qui con il tiramisu’ e non sai….mi sono scordata il Marsala. Mi sarei mangiata le mani, ma alla fine ho messo un liquore francese che abbiamo qui. Non e’ la stessa cosa pero’…buonissimo!e nenache troppo pesante se preso in piccole dosi. L’unica cosa che ho aggiunto rispetto alla tua ricetta sono le gocce di cioccolato in cima, che ci fanno proprio da ciliegina sulla torta!

And after the cream… Crostata di frutta!

crostata 1

Recipe 130: This is one of the most classic cakes in Italy. It’s the one that almost every grandmother can make and it’s always good, any kind of filling you will choose. It’s normally more famous the jam crostata, or crostata con la marmellata, but it’s also very well known this recipe with cream and fruit.

Now I will tell you how you can prepare it from the base.

Crostata 2

The ingredients for the “Pasta Frolla” (the base of the cake) are: 300gr flour – 150gr sugar – 150 gr butter (very cold) – a pinch of salt – 2 egg yolks – a bit of milk. For the ” Crema Pasticcera” or cream, please have a look here.

Then, to finish the cake, you will just need some fresh fruit. I used: 1 box of strawberries, 2 kiwis, 1 box of blueberries and then you could cover the cake with a bit of gelatin to make it more compact, but i didn’t use it and it was good anyway.

crostata 3

Let’s start from the pasta frolla mixing the flour, sugar, the pinch of salt, and the butter cut in pieces. Knead until the ingredients reach the consistency of the second series of pictures and then add the 2 egg yolks. At this point you will need to create an homogeneous dough so that you will be able to make a ball. The color have to be a very warm yellow and no clots have to be in the pasta. Add a bit of milk to help you to create the ball if the ingredients are too divided or flour if the dough it’s too sticky. After put it in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Crostata 3

Then prepare a baking pan with baking paper or just with butter and flour all around. Roll out the dough and put it in the pan, making sure is going to be quite thin everywhere. Just the border can be a bit thick. At this point make little holes in the pasta, because the base need to “breath” in the oven. I normally use a fork for these. If you don’t do so, the base will grow or will create bubbles. Put in the hot oven at 180 degree for at least half an hour. When you take it out the base have to be brownish but especially quite hard and dry.

At this point you can just add the crema pasticcera and the fruits cut in pieces. If you want, you can than add the gelatin too.

Buon appetito!

crostata 5

PS: Mamy guarda che bella che mi e’ venuta!!! ti piace? Pero’ che casino spiegare come fare la pasta frolla in inglese! Poi ho avuto un po’ di problemi a trovare della gelatina da metterci sopra. L’unica che ho visto diceva che ci voleva mezz’ora per prepararla… insomma alla fine c’ho rinunciato, ma era buonissima uguale anche se un po’ meno ferma.

Crema pasticcera!!! (-66 weeks)

Recipe 131: Finally i did it! After months speaking about my mum’s Crema Pasticcera, i made it and it was GOOD!!!!

You need to know that here in London, it’s really difficult to find cakes with this cream. For breakfast they use to sell just french pastries (there is not cream in that) and for cakes they use more chocolate, cheese or sweet and colorful gelatin than anything else. The only good cream they have (and that i love a lot), it’ s the Custard Cream, but is much heavier than this and they normally serve it on a side just with scones or apple cakes!

So here is the recipe for the sweet thing i miss the most! If you put it in a plain croissant hotted up a bit , it’s just HEAVEN!!!! This is the normal breakfast in Italy. If you can also add a cappuccino you will feel in Rome. I promise you!

Please try it and tell me: 500ml milk – 1/2 vanilla pod – 4 egg yolks- 150gr sugar – 30gr flour – pinch of salt.

Start the recipe boiling the milk. Then cut the vanilla pod long its length and open it to expose the beans. Add  the opened vanilla pod to the milk. Ensure the beans enter in contact with the milk and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Then remove from the milk the pieces of lemon zest and the vanilla pod.

In another fried pan put the 4 yolks with the sugar and mix (without any fire) until become creamy. Then add the flour and a pinch of salt and mix again. Be careful to don’t create any clot.

Finally put this pan on a very very low fire and add the warm milk little by little and always mixing. At this point the cream will start to take consistency. Keep on adding and mixing until the end of the milk. When the cream appears to be thick, take it off from the fire and leave it to cool down.

At this point you can use it in cakes, you can eat it with fresh fruits or biscuits or you can simply fill any pastry you have.


PS. Mamy che buona la tua crema pasticcera. Questa volta l’ho fatta solo con la vaniglia ma era buonissima uguale. Finalmente, per la prima volta, non mi sono venuti grumi. C’ho fatto la torta che vedrai nel prossimo post, ma la crema ce la siamo anche mangiata ieri mattina con un po’ di frutta avanzata! E’ stata la colazione perfetta per una bella domenica soleggiata!

My latest dietetic addiction: marshmallows (-10kg)


Enough sweet to eat them as a little treat after lunch of dinner, but absolutely low in calories. Two or three of them per day can’t be so dangerous!

Tilt loves marshmallows!

Ps: Mamy continua con la tua cioccolata, tu che puoi e che riesci a fermarti dopo uno o due quadratini. Io passo a questo che e’ meno pericoloso!