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Fettine alla pizzaiola – pizzaiola meat? (-26weeks)

Recipe 56: on Saturday I left Spain to comeback in Italy and I’m in the mountains at the moment. Here is my mum the chef, but because I didn’t try this dish yet and we wanted to have a simple meat for dinner, I decided to cook the Carne alla Pizzaiola, or Pizzaiola Meat.

This dish is super quick and easy and the ingredients are: 150gr of  beef (cut in thin slices) per person,  origan, tomatoes sauce, garlic, olive oil and salt. Nothing more.

The dish is called pizzaiola I suppose because uses tomatoes and origan like on a pizza and the taste it’s really nice. It’s also a perfect dish to give a little twist to boring meals.

Place some olive oil in a pan and add some garlic in powder or in cloves. When this are goldish you can take them out and you can add some tomatoes sauce or passata.

When the sauce it’s hot, place the meat in the pan and let it cook in the sauce on a low fire. Then add some origan and let it cook turning often the slices of meat.

In a bit the sauce will take a deeper color and when the  meat will be totally cook, you can serve it in a plate adding some of the sauce and a pinch of salt on the top. Don’t forget to have some bread too with you and enjoy!

PS. Mamy questa volta niente messaggio per te vista la vicinanza! alla prossima!

World Cup dishes: Penne with olives and tomato sauce (-32 weeks)

Recipe 69: First round of the matches for the word cup and first dish cooked in a friend’s flat in Germany! The problem was she didn’t really have anything at home to prepare a nice dish…or at least that is what she tough! Instead we cook a really nice pasta with tomatoes and olive sauce!

Ingredients for 5 people: 500gr pasta, 200gr of pitted olives (green or black is the same), 1 passata or 1 and 1/2 can of chopped tomatoes, onion, salt, chilli, and Parmesan or another mature cheese!

This is a very easy recipe that you can cook for how many people you want and it’s so quick that you won’t miss the beginning of the match!

Just put some olive oil in a pan and when hot, you can add some garlic until it become gold, or onion. Depend by your taste. Cut the olives in little pieces and add them to the pan and let them cook a bit. In the meantime put the water for the pasta on the fire.

Now you can add the passata or the tomato sauce with chopped tomatoes. Add some salt, pepper and a bit of chilli. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes until the sauce is well mixed with all the other ingredients.

When the pasta is ready, just add the sauce and some grated Parmesan or mature cheese. Mix everything, serve in the plates and add some other Parmesan on top if you like it. Enjoy!

PS. Mamy questo e’ il piatto che ho preparato per il primo girone dei mondiali l’altro weekend in Germania. Helga e’ stata cosi felice anche perche’ era convinta di non avere nulla a casa e non sapeva che cucinare, invece un bel sughetto alle olive e’ stato facilissimo da preparare e giusto in tempo per l’inizio della partita!

Involtini al sugo – Meat rolls in tomato sauce (-36 weeks)

Recipe 76: This is a classic of the sunday lunch when i was in Rome. The dish it’s a bit long because you need some time to cook the meat and create the sauce, but the good stuff is that then you can use the sauce for the pasta too… and I swear it’s really special.

Ingredients for 2 people: 400 gr of meat (if you can find it take always veal, it’s tender and with a nicer taste), 1 egg, 30/40 gr butter, 1 glass of white wine, a tomato sauce can, 1 carrot, 1 celery, some pieces of Emmenthal, 2 garlic cloves, salt, pepper and toothpick.

Put an egg in some boiling water and let it cook. In the meantime cut the meat in 4 slices and press them until they get really thin. Clean the carrot and the celery and cut 4 thin pieces from each of them. Then cut 4 pieces of cheese long like the carrot and the celery.

When the egg is cooked, take it from the water, peal it and cut it in 4 part. Now you can start to fulfill the meat with one piece of each thing and add salt and pepper. Then you will need to close it with some toothpick. The most important thing you need to be careful is to close them in a way the cheese can’t come out too much.

In the meantime put some oil and 20gr butter in a sauce pan and when it boils, place some garlic and wait to be cooked. When the oil will have take all the  taste and the garlic will start to become goldish, take the garlic out and place the meat in the saucepan on a low fire.

Let them became a bit colored and then turn and wait a bit. After around 10 minutes pour the glass of  white wine and wait some more minutes for the wine to evaporate.

At this point i have add some other pieces of carrot and celery just to give more taste and then the tomato sauce can with some more salt and pepper. You can also add a bit of chili if you want.

Now cover the saucepan, set the fire very low and just wait 20 minutes. Then turn the meat and wait for other 20 minutes. Now the meat will be ready and the sauce will have a unique taste! This dish is perfect if served with potatoes, vegetable or just alone. In this case i added some Polenta that is amazing with the meat sauce!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy hai visto che belli i miei involtini? Purtroppo come al solito c’e’ stato il problema con la carne di vitella percio’ ho utilizzato la carne di manzo che e’ un po’ piu’ duretta, ma cucinandola a fuoco basso per un bel po’, e’ venuta buonissima. Ed un sugo cosi’ buono non lo mangiavo da un sacco di tempo. Pensa che ho fatto pure la polenta…ero proprio in vena di un pranzo classico domenicale!

Risotto alla Pescatora – Easy Seafood Risotto

Recipe 78: This week it’s another tough one and i didn’t really have time to cook too much… but at least in the weekend i tried to treat myself.

So last weekend I prepared this nice Seafood Risotto, of course in a simplified version respect to the one that wants you to clean, cut all the fresh fish and to take the shells off from the seafood. I just bought a selection of seafood already clean and I add some king prawns, to make it more tasty! Anyway here in the supermarkets it’s very hard to find nice fresh fish. I need to go to Borough Market for a real food shopping!

The ingredients for 3/4 people are: 240gr of seafood selection, 140gr of king prawns, 300/400gr of rice, 1 glass of white wine, onion, garlic, 1 chilli, parsley and some spoons of tomato sauce.

Cut finely the onion, some garlic cloves and half of a red chili. Put all this in a pan with some oil and let it cook while you wash the seafood.

When the onion get goldish, add the fish, 2 or 3 spoons of tomato sauce, some salt and pepper and i also use to add some butter just to give more taste.

After a bit on the fire, pour 2 ladles of hot water (better if you had put some fish stock to boil in it or if you bought some fresh fish and you cooked it in there before) and let it cook for 15-20 minute. In the meantime you can put the rice to cook in a sauce pan with some boiling water.

When the water will be evaporated, you will have a nice sauce, but to make it even better add the last touch, a glass of white wine, mix it and wait until the sauce get a bit thick again.

Cut some parsley and when the rice is ready, add the sauce to the rice and serve it with the fresh parsley.

I wouldn’t put Parmesan on it… we normally don’t use it for pasta with fish, but if the rice it’s a bit dry and if you just used a little quantity of tomato sauce, i think could be nice to add a bit of lemon. Depend by your taste!


PS. Mamy, lo so tu questa ricetta non la facevi praticamente mai, ma io avevo una voglia di frutti di mare che ho tentato di trovare una ricettina facile facile per poter avere un bel risotto alla pescatora in poco tempo. Che te ne pare?

Aubergines side order or starter: 3 options

Recipe 101: This time i will show 3 ways to cook aubergines as a simple side dish for everyday. They are a quick and easy solution just to variate a bit your diet and eat your one a day portion of vegetable. I’m also sure it’s a dish children will love!

The ingredients for the 3 options are : 2 aubergine for dish, 1 tomato sauce can, Parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper.

For any of the 3 options you will start by washing and cutting the aubergines. In this first dish you will need them in little pieces. Then put them in a pan with just one or two spoons of olive oil and some salt. Leave them there on a law fire , add some salt and pepper and mix them every now and then.

Also if they will seem a bit dry, after a bit they will get soft and they will cook with their own water. If you want you can add some more oil but don’t exaggerate because you won’t need it so much.

At the end they will appear soft and saucy like in the picture and you can serve them as a side order or you can make some nice starter… just remember to add some Parmesan because the combination of the two is amazing!

Another option is to make them grilled, so you will need to cut them in thin slices and put them in the oven with a bit of oil and salt. After a bit, check them and if they seems quite cooked, turn them adding some more oil and salt.

When ready they will be a bit crunchy and tasty, but if you have it, try to eat them with a bit of Pesto sauce in one side. I think  this combination is very good too. Also these ones can be served as a starter, but better if with other grilled vegetables, like courgettes or peppers.

Finally you can have also the option to eat some aubergines with tomato sauce: just follow the first recipe and when they are almost cooked, add some tomato sauce, other salt and pepper…even basil if you have.

Let the sauce get a bit thick and serve hot, always with some Parmesan!

Now you just need to choose if you prefer them in white, with tomato sauce or grilled! ENJOY!

PS: Mamy, ormai sono un’esperta cone le melanzane..le ho provate davvero in tutte le salse! Sara’ che qui ce le hanno sempre, o perche’ tu le facevi spesso a casa, ma anche per non mangiare sempre la solita verdura, trovo che siano un’ingrediente proprio versatile! Certo tutto quest’olio non e’ il massimo, pero’ almeno mangio verdura!

Pasta alla Norma

Recipe 117: This pasta is originally from Sicily but it’s very famous in all Italy for its strong and particular taste. I made this plate with some aubergines that i have fried for the Parmigiana and that i then leaved for this.

Ingredients for 4 people: 500gr pasta (you can use Penne or Spaghetti) – salt – onion – carrot – 300gr tomato sauce – 1kg aubergines – some basil leaves  – 150 ricotta salata (if you can’t find it abroad you can try with Parmesan and a bit of Feta cheese).

Start from the aubergines: like for the Parmigiana, you will need to take off the skin, you will cut them in little slices and you will leave them covered with a bit of salt to take off the water. After one hour you can fried them in a pan with olive oil and you will put them on absorbent paper to dry some oil.

In the time you fry the aubergine you can prepare the tomato sauce: put onion in a pan with boiling oil. When this is cooked, put the tomato sauce, salt and a carrot and leave it cook for a bit on a low fire.

Put the water for the pasta and cut the aubergine in little pieces and some basil leaves too.  Put the pasta in the water and when the tomato sauce is ready add half of the aubergine and half or the basil to the sauce to let it take the aubergine taste.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add the sauce. Now you just miss to put the ricotta salata (or parmesan and some shave Feta cheese) and decorate the plate with the rest of the basil and the aubergines.

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy ho un po’ cambiato la tua ricetta perche’ l’aggiunta della ricotta normale mi suona un po’ strana, percio’ ho optato per gli ingredienti classici. Comuque buona, peccato che le melanzane erano un po’ risicate e che qui non vendano la ricotta salata… pero’ in una ricetta ho letto di sostituirla con un po’ di Feta, ma non aveva lo stesso forte sapore, anche se vicino.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Recipe 118: This dish needs a bit of time to be prepared, but it’s worth to have a try, because is good and you don’t really need to prepare anything else with it. It’s one dish meal and you won’t need too many ingredients neither… just time.

The ingredients for 4 people are: 5 Aubergines – a good quantity of Parmesan – 300gr mozzarella – butter – 2 cans of tomato sauce (800ml /1 litre) – oil – salt – basil – 1 onion – 1 carrot – 1 celery.

Let’s start from the classic tomato sauce, made with 1 onion in a pan with some oil. When fried, you add the tomato sauce from can, the carrot and the celery to give flavor. Then a bit of salt and you leave to cook for a long time and on a very low fire.

In the meantime wash the aubergines and take all the black skin off. After that you will cut them in 1cm slices and you will put them on a plate or kitchen cloth with a bit of salt on top of them. These will lose part of the water they have inside and will become more tasty.

Leave them like this for one hour and then wash each slice and drain them very well also squeezing them. At this point you can start to fried them: put some oil in a pan (not too much, just a finger tall ) and cook the aubergine until they change color and get a bit crispy. When ready, place them on an absorbent paper.

In the meantime you can put some butter in the recipient you will use to cook the dish: place it  internally, on all the area to avoid the aubergine to stick to the recipient after cooking them.

When the slices are not too full of oil anymore, start to place them in the recipient, creating a first layer. Then add the tomato sauce you prepared before and some pieces of mozzarella, some Parmesan and Basil leaves. Keep on doing these layers until you finish all the aubergines: slices, tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan and basil.

On the last layer, don’t put mozzarella and basil anymore, but just tomatoes and Parmesan. Finally put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees and if you have a grill you can also make the top a bit more crunchy with it.


Ps. Mamy questa e’ la Parmigiana che ho fatto per i miei colleghi. Allora devo dire che era buona, ma forse le fettine di melanzana erano troppo fine e si sono cotte troppo. Comunque l’accostamento di questi sapori sta’ benissimo. Poi questa pirofila in teoria ci abbiamo mangiato in 6 ma solo dopo un bel piatto di pasta, percio’ ho dato al ricetta come per 4 altrimenti nessuno mangia nulla! Considerato poi che erano tutti maschietti e buone forchette, facendo anche la pasta prima, sono andata sul sicuro.