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Semifreddo al torroncino – Nougat Semifreddo

Recipe 16: This is a dessert my mum used to do in Christmas when there is lots of nougat remaining or when it’s easy to find it in the shops. It’s a very easy dessert but served in little portions with some hot chocolate on top it’s very tasty and beautiful. Serve it to guest for a party and you will see the reactions.

Ingredients for 6 people:  500gr. of whipping cream, 200 gr. nougat (better if covered in chocolate or add some chocolate in powder at the end in the mix), 4 eggs, a bit of Brandy, 150 gr. of sugar and a little cup of vanilla extract.

When i speak about Nougat for me it’s always white nougat because the other it’s just chocolate with hazelnut for me. I use to love this one from Sperlari because very good but still a bit soft. Normally the white nougats are really hard to bite. Start by cutting the nougat in little little pieces, you can even pass it in the mixer if you want just to cut it finely.  Then whip up the 2 egg whites while mixing the yolks egg with the sugar.

Then whip up the whipping cream too (i normally use the mixer anyway) and add this too to the rest of the mix, with also some vanilla extract and chocolate if the nougat it’s totally white.

At this point you will need to choose the recipient where you are going to freeze the semifreddo! I prefer to use the muffin baking tray, but my freezer it’s little and i have used a plum cake tray. Cover it with aluminum paper brushed with some brandy and put a layer of the semifreddo mix and then a layer of nougat with some drops of brandy , then another layer of the mix and another layer of nougat, always with brandy. Finish with the nougat and place it in the freezer for 4 hours before to serve.

When ready to serve, cut it in slices and put some hot chocolate on top with some icing sugar. Enjoy!

PS. Mamy buonissimo! mi mancava un sacco questo dessert…sara’ che qui il torrone non lo vendono proprio percio’ l’avevo comprato in aereoporto tornando in inghilterra il mese scorso.  Certo e’ meglio quando lo congeli in porzioni singole, ma anche a fettine e’ uscito molto bene. Pensa che credevano avessi comprato il gelato al torrone! 🙂


Are you for Pandoro or Panettone? (-56 weeks)

This is a classic question in Christmas: do you prefer some Panettone or Pandoro? These are the classic italian ready made dessert in Christmas (on top of the black or white torrone) and you need to have a favorite. It’s a must! Of course you can eat a piece of both but everyone has a preference. So which one you are going to choose?

I personally prefer the Panettone because less greasy and with a more interesting taste: a bit of raisins and candy fruits make the trick. However also the Pandoro is very nice and was my favorite when i was little. It’s super soft and buttery and with the sugar on the top is just good!

The best way to enjoy the Pandoro is to toast it a bit in the oven or on the toaster, but you can also serve it as a cool dessert, just cutting slices and adding nutella or homemade cream between slices. I love that! The cream is good for the  Panettone too but i prefer it alone, just as it is.

And what about you?

PS. Mamy lo so che tu preferisci il Panettone come me ora! E capisco anche papa’ che continua a credere che sia il pandoro il mio preferito… con tutti i pandori che mi sono mangiata da piccola! E guai se mi davi un panettone! a Capodanno comunque non manchera’ sicuro!