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Pink summery cakes – Tortine fragole e mascarpone (-21 weeks)

Recipe 46: Leaving for holidays i needed to clean a bit my fridge and i still have some pastry, mascarpone and strawberries to use so… let’s do some summery cakes! Super easy and quick as usual and perfect for a weekend breakfast to celebrate the beginning of the last holidays.

Ingredients for 6-7 cakes: 350gr shortcrust pasty, 150gr mascarpone, 1egg yolk, 2 spoons of sugar and 300gr strawberries.

Prepare a baking pan putting some batter and flour in the holes to don’t make the pastry stick to it. Then stretch the pasta and make it little circles to fit in the baking pan. Place them in and make them thinner than you can.

With a fork make some holes in the pastry and let them cook for around 20 minutes in the oven at 200 degree.When ready, take them out from the baking pan and let them cool down on a plate. In the meantime wash the strawberry and cut half of them in little pieces.

Place in a bowl a yolk egg and 2 spoon of sugar and mix until it become a yellowish cream. Then add the mascarpone and the strawberry mixing very well. the strawberry will release their sauce creating a nice pink and reach cream.

Fill the little pastry cakes with the cream and finish them with half of a strawberry each. Place in the fridge for a bit and serve them cold. Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy ti sorprendo con questa ricetta facilissima eh? ricordandomi quanto era buono il mascarpone con lo zucchero, ho pensato di usare quel poco che era rimasto nel frigo per fare queste tortine estive! Buonissime !