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Semifreddo al torroncino – Nougat Semifreddo

Recipe 16: This is a dessert my mum used to do in Christmas when there is lots of nougat remaining or when it’s easy to find it in the shops. It’s a very easy dessert but served in little portions with some hot chocolate on top it’s very tasty and beautiful. Serve it to guest for a party and you will see the reactions.

Ingredients for 6 people:  500gr. of whipping cream, 200 gr. nougat (better if covered in chocolate or add some chocolate in powder at the end in the mix), 4 eggs, a bit of Brandy, 150 gr. of sugar and a little cup of vanilla extract.

When i speak about Nougat for me it’s always white nougat because the other it’s just chocolate with hazelnut for me. I use to love this one from Sperlari because very good but still a bit soft. Normally the white nougats are really hard to bite. Start by cutting the nougat in little little pieces, you can even pass it in the mixer if you want just to cut it finely.  Then whip up the 2 egg whites while mixing the yolks egg with the sugar.

Then whip up the whipping cream too (i normally use the mixer anyway) and add this too to the rest of the mix, with also some vanilla extract and chocolate if the nougat it’s totally white.

At this point you will need to choose the recipient where you are going to freeze the semifreddo! I prefer to use the muffin baking tray, but my freezer it’s little and i have used a plum cake tray. Cover it with aluminum paper brushed with some brandy and put a layer of the semifreddo mix and then a layer of nougat with some drops of brandy , then another layer of the mix and another layer of nougat, always with brandy. Finish with the nougat and place it in the freezer for 4 hours before to serve.

When ready to serve, cut it in slices and put some hot chocolate on top with some icing sugar. Enjoy!

PS. Mamy buonissimo! mi mancava un sacco questo dessert…sara’ che qui il torrone non lo vendono proprio percio’ l’avevo comprato in aereoporto tornando in inghilterra il mese scorso.  Certo e’ meglio quando lo congeli in porzioni singole, ma anche a fettine e’ uscito molto bene. Pensa che credevano avessi comprato il gelato al torrone! 🙂


Crema pasticcera!!! (-66 weeks)

Recipe 131: Finally i did it! After months speaking about my mum’s Crema Pasticcera, i made it and it was GOOD!!!!

You need to know that here in London, it’s really difficult to find cakes with this cream. For breakfast they use to sell just french pastries (there is not cream in that) and for cakes they use more chocolate, cheese or sweet and colorful gelatin than anything else. The only good cream they have (and that i love a lot), it’ s the Custard Cream, but is much heavier than this and they normally serve it on a side just with scones or apple cakes!

So here is the recipe for the sweet thing i miss the most! If you put it in a plain croissant hotted up a bit , it’s just HEAVEN!!!! This is the normal breakfast in Italy. If you can also add a cappuccino you will feel in Rome. I promise you!

Please try it and tell me: 500ml milk – 1/2 vanilla pod – 4 egg yolks- 150gr sugar – 30gr flour – pinch of salt.

Start the recipe boiling the milk. Then cut the vanilla pod long its length and open it to expose the beans. Add  the opened vanilla pod to the milk. Ensure the beans enter in contact with the milk and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Then remove from the milk the pieces of lemon zest and the vanilla pod.

In another fried pan put the 4 yolks with the sugar and mix (without any fire) until become creamy. Then add the flour and a pinch of salt and mix again. Be careful to don’t create any clot.

Finally put this pan on a very very low fire and add the warm milk little by little and always mixing. At this point the cream will start to take consistency. Keep on adding and mixing until the end of the milk. When the cream appears to be thick, take it off from the fire and leave it to cool down.

At this point you can use it in cakes, you can eat it with fresh fruits or biscuits or you can simply fill any pastry you have.


PS. Mamy che buona la tua crema pasticcera. Questa volta l’ho fatta solo con la vaniglia ma era buonissima uguale. Finalmente, per la prima volta, non mi sono venuti grumi. C’ho fatto la torta che vedrai nel prossimo post, ma la crema ce la siamo anche mangiata ieri mattina con un po’ di frutta avanzata! E’ stata la colazione perfetta per una bella domenica soleggiata!