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Zucchine Trifolate… courgettes easy style! (-37 week)

Recipe 77:  On top of the massive work i had this week and the cooking section i try to do at least on saturday or sunday, this week i also participated to the audition for a cooking TV program. I did it just for fun of course but i still had to cook once more. I was really pleased because they liked my dish a  lot but it’s not this the point. The problem is that i had even less time to cook, so the recipe of this week will be again another easy and quick one to prepare.

Ingredients for 2 people: you will just need 3 big courgettes, olive oil, garlic in powder, salt and Parsley.

This is a classic and simple vegetable dish you can cook every night to go with any meat or fish. So clean the  courgettes and cut them in pieces and not slices. Put some oil in a pan but not more than 2 spoons and when hot put the courgettes.

Add some garlic in powder (because i think it can be mixed better on all the vegetables) and salt. When the courgettes start to fried a bit, add some water and let them cook covered. They will became softer and softer and will create a nice sauce.

Let them cook for about half an hour and then serve with some parsley finely chopped!

Buon appetito!

PS. Mamy finalmente le ho cucinate anche io! basta con sempre ‘ste zucchine lesse, meglio trifolate! Anche a Nat sono piaciute tanto! Semplici semplici ma con quel gusto in piu’. E poi questa settimana proprio non avevo tempo di provare altro con anche la torta da cucinare per la trasmissione Tv. Comunque gli e’ piaciuta un sacco! Non sai come se la sono gustata la crema della crostata! La tua ricetta della crema e’ insuperabile!


Spaghetti zucchine e mozzarella (-70 weeks)

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Recipe 140: I open the blog with this dish because is the one that i cook more often and all my friends know me for that.

In reality is not a recipes from my mum, but it’s absolutely italian and is the only one that i cook for her. In all the rest she is better than me!

It’s a quick, cheap and good plate and normally everyone likes these ingredients.

So here they are for 3 people

3 courgettes – 1 mozzarella – 300 gr of spaghetti – 1 onion – oil – chillies – pepper – salt – Parmesan – lemon juice if you like.

Cut the onion in little pieces, put it in a pan with a bit of oil already hot. Cook for a little bit and in the meantime cut the courgettes in very thin slices. More thin they are, more will be easy to make them cook and yummy! Put them in the pan with the oil and onion and add some salt to make the water in the courgettes goes out. Then add a bit of chillies and/or pepper if you want and let all cook. Add oil if you think the pan is too dry to cook well the courgettes.

In the meantime boil the water for the pasta adding a bit of salt. Put the pasta in the water and wait for 8-10 minutes.

At this point if the courgettes are well cooked, add the mozzarella already cut in little pieces. Leave la mozzarella melt with the rest and wait until became a bit burned or colorful (in any case i suggest to use an good pan to avoid the mozzarella to stick to it).

After 8 minutes, try the pasta and when is almost ready (not to cooked and still a little little bit hard) take it out from the fire. Take off the water and put the spaghetti pasta in the pan with mozzarella and courgettes. Mix and wait for the pasta to take all the sauce of the pan and became a bit yellowish.

Put in a plate and serve with a bit of Parmesan. Someone likes a bit of lemon juice on the top, but it’s better to try without first.

However the lemon could be a good solution if the spaghetti are too spicy.

Buon appetito!

Ps. Mamy questa ricetta la conosci perche te l’ho cucinata. Non hai bisogno della traduzione italiana perche’ sara’ il mio piatto speciale che cucinero’ per te e papa’ nei miei ritorni. A presto!