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My first traditional english recipe: Hot Cross Buns!

This Easter I decided to have a “mixed” Easter, putting together some food from the english tradition and some from the italian one. Maybe this happened because it was one of my first Easter spent in London… anyway I cooked Hot Cross Buns, a classic Easter treat for the good friday morning.

The buns were great and finally they are really nice and light…basically they seems sweet spiced bread and they are just amazing with honey or butter and jam! I will do them for all my future guests because for breakfast are really amazing!

Here is the recipe i followed…a bit rewritten, following my taste and experience, from the BBC one here.

For 6 buns I used the following ingredients:

– 200 gr crusty white bread flour

-less then half table spoon of salt

– 20 gr sugar

-25 gr butter

-1 table spoon mixed spice

– 90 gr raisins

– 3.5 gr dried yest

– 1 egg

-100ml semi skimmed milk

– 3 table spoon flour

– some honey

Put together in a recipient the white bread flour, the salt, the sugar and the mixed spice. Then add the butter in pieces and mix with your hands. Add the raisins previously soaked and the yeasts. In another little pan mix the egg with the warm milk and then add this to the dough. Mix well and leave it rest for 5-10 minutes.

Now divide the ball in 6 little balls and put them on a baking pan covered by some cling film for around 1 hour. Let them raise and when almost ready, create the cream for the cross. You will just need to mix the flour with some hot water until creamy. Then with a piping bag create the cross.

Put them in an oven at 200 degree for 15-20 minutes and once cooked, brush with some honey and serve! Enjoy!