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Popcorns and … la Clique! (-55 weeks)

Too many days of holiday and you don’t know anymore how to don’t get bored??? My suggestion is … cabaret with ” La Clique“.

I went to see the show some weeks ago and i never been to a cabaret before. It was full of people (that make me think they are use to this kind of entertainment) and very funny. The 2 hours passed super quickly and it was very nice to have an alternative to the usual cinema.

The show take place in the Roundhouse in Camden, an amazing place full of musical history and very interesting just to visit, reading all the big events happened in there.Inside there is a little bar where you can have drinks and popcorns… so i was really really happy!

The characters who create the show are just incredible, funny and really good. Lots of participation from the audience of course, but lots of laughs too. If you want to leave a different and strange afternoon, don’t miss the show!

PS. Mamy Julio mi ha portato a questo spettacolo di cabaret qualche settimana fa e mi sono morta dalle risate! all’inizio pensavo ” che cosa strana”, invece sembra che gli inglesi ci siano mlto abituati perche era pieno. Comunque e’ stata un’idea simpatica, per alternare anche un po’ il cinema e i personaggi dello show erano proprio assurdi!

Eat Tate, drink Tate… but especially visit TATE!

This won’t be a normal post about all the delicious things you can eat at the Tate Modern, but just a quick post to share my choices of light food in the museum and especially my feedback about the “exposition of the year”… or at least this seems to be the message they want to pass, considering the massive advertising.

pop-life So POP LIFE is “THE” exposition organized this autumn in the Tate Modern, one of the most interesting museum in London, in my opinion. I like modern art and i like to discover always new works and artists. I like their way to renovate always their program and the exposition are normally really nice.

We couldn’t miss to go to see this too, also considering the big buzz around it. When we arrived there, there was a special price to see the 2 new expositions together and we went for it…. and thanks God we did it.

Before to start the tour we had a little breakfast in the little cafe at the first floor. We ate Tate and we drunk Tate: with my great pleasure, instead to sell justBreakfast at the Tate Modern rich pastries or cakes, i found also a little glass of Caramel Popcorn (maybe it was something connected with the POP exposition)! So just a nice and light start! The coffee too was quite good!

After that we visit the expositions, starting for the one we didn’t plan to see: the artist is called John Baldessari. I have never known anything about him and thanks to his conceptual art and the good explanation of his work, made by the curator, i really like it and had a great time there.

Basically his work wants to point out irony in contemporary art theory and practices or reduce it to absurdity. On top of that, he is just crazy but very clever. His art has been featured in more than 200 solo exhibitions in the US (where he come from) and Europe and it’s really interesting.

God nose After this “pure beauty” we went to see the “major” exhibition and it was absolutely disappointing! First of all it was full of people and it was impossible to see anything properly; then this is not the first pop art exposition i see and the works there, weren’t as interesting as lots other i saw before. Finally it was quite disorganized, there was lots of staff, but not a real progression, guideline or engaging presentations.

However, I’m not an art expert and I don’t want to impose my point of view. The only thing i want to say is that if you want to go, buy the ticket for both of them (16¬£), because Baldessari is really good and you could be really disappointed from Pop Life.

PS. Mamy oggi ho parlato delle mostre che siamo andati a vedere con Julio. In pratica Londra e’ piena di manifesti per solo una delle 2 ed alla fine si scopre che non e’ proprio niente di che, mentre l’altra, che passa inosservata e’ molto interessante. Chissa’ se papa’ conosce l’artista americano Baldessari? fa dei quadri assurdi e simpaticissimi. Questo qui al lato l’ha chiamato “il naso di DIO”.

Popcorn night with… a pair of 3D glasses!

3D glasses for UP Yesterday for my “Popcorn and Diet coke night”, we couldn’t choose better film. The cartoons are a must and if they are Disney you can’t just miss them!

Disney Pixar never lets you down! What else i can say? It’ s a very funny movie, with a nice and touching story, emotional and hilarious characters and the 3D just give a plus to the film and to the amazing designs.

UP is a story of love: the eternal love between a man and a women who share all the life and all the dreams together, the love between an old man and a little boy who could be his nephew, the love of a dog for its master and especially the love for everyone’s dreams.

Exploring these different kinds of relationships through a pure and direct cartoon is shocking but absolutely involving: leaving with them so many adventures and feelings in just 2 hours, really shows the ability of Disney in get better and better, exploring always new corners of the human nature and giving to everyone, young and not so young people, new vibe and interesting examples.

Up posterI grew up with cartoons and i have never stopped to watch them. In the years these moved from basic stories of good against bad, to more complex adventures, more in line with our times and with more layers, to appeal to parents and children. In this particular one the conversations are hilarious and the writers are amazing in creating unexpected situations, taking care of every little particular to make the scenes even funnier.

This was also my first movie in 3D…shame to say, but it’s true. I was still thinking to find these old red and blue paper glasses and instead i found a fantastic pair of almost normal glasses, very cool and comfortable. So if the designs and the colors were already amazing, with the 3D effects the movie was just magic.

A little note also for the short intro-animation called “Partly Cloudy”: probably the majority of you has seen it online. If not, don’t miss it, because is a little sweet and “delicious” cartoon.

Intro animation

PS. Mamy ieri sono andata al cinema a vedere UP in 3 Dimensioni. Portaci papa’ perche’ con il 3D impazzira’, ma la storia e’ cosi carina e gli occhiali cosi comodi, che ti divertirai tanto anche tu. E’ un film delizioso, simpaticissimo e curato nei minimi particolari. Non perdetevi neanche il piccolo cartone animato prima del film, perche’ e’ una vera chicca! Buon divertimento!

Yesterday popcorn night with… Almodovar!

Popcorn As usually happens, yesterday was another popcorn cinema night: with this i mean that instead to have dinner and watch a movie, i cut the dinner to have the pleasure to see the movie eating POPCORN. I’m a big supporter of these as part of a diet…and let’s see the results. However let’s speak about the movie now!

So last night i finally went to see “Los abrazos rotos”: Almodovar is a must and Broken Embraces is just another amazing and suggestive movie.

Broken embracesPedro is one of my favorite directors because he is really able to pass feelings and emotions. Volver was a master piece and for me is the best movie he did, but also this one is very well done: the story is complex and simple at the same time, is full of pathos and comedy in the same time and i can only say i was unable to take my eyes off the screen.

Two hours of passionate love, revenge, sadness and humor, with lots of references to the amazing “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” and Almodovar’s passion for the cinema. There are two little things that, in my opinion, he could have realize better, but are just little notes respect to all the movie: the actors are incredible, the locations are great, and the colors of the movie and of every little scene just match perfectly with the feeling leaving on the screen.

Almodovar is absolutely real in the representation of life and human nature and everything arrives directly to the hart.

PS. Mamy sono andata a vedere l’ultimo film di Almodovar e come al solito e’ imperdibile. Non so se voi lo avete gia’ visto, ma se ancora lo danno in sala, non ve lo perdete! E’ poetico e ricchissimo di emozioni, colori, sentimenti, ma sempre con un tocco di umorismo. Speciale!